7th Tennessee Event Schedule

Proposed 2015 Schedule

March 20-23  

150th Bentonville  

Four Oaks, NC


Max event for Liberty Greys

Confederate registration ends Jan 31st

April 5-6

Appomatox Cannon Firing and Salute

Hartford, CT


April 10- 12

Saylor's Creek/Appomatox

Appomatox, VA


April 24- 26  

Annual CMD

Lincoln, RI

May 18th

Sunset Ridge School Program

East Hartford, CT

June 5-7  

Paxton Battle Weekend

Paxton, MA


June 13th Saturday only

Leicester's Founders Day Reenactment

Leicester, MA

June 19-21

Tactical Weekend

Phillipston, MA

July 4th

Arnold Mills Parade

Cumberland, RI

July 17-19  

CT To Arms: 1865

Mystic, CT

August 7-9

When the Smoke Clears

Woodbury, CT


August 14-16  

Annual Train Raid

Phillips, ME

August 21-23  

Live at Gettysburg

Gettysburg, PA

​September 12-13  

Assault on Ft. Hudson

Webster, MA

September 19

Genius Project Dedication

Hartford, CT

September 25-27  

250th Anniversary Weekend

Borderlands State Park

Sharon, MA

October 2-4  

Living History Encampment

Framingham, MA

October 24-25  

Locust Grove

Walkerton, VA


November 1  

Liberty Greys Meeting

Shrewsbury, MA

November 6-8

ANV Convention

Manassas VA

Nov 21-22

Red Apple Farm

Living History

Phillipston, MA

Dec 6th

7th Tennessee Company Meeting

Place: TBD